Neuro Linguistic Pragramming

Neuro Linguistic Programming


           Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP in short, is the study of excellence. It is relatively recent and has helped millions of people to increase their confidence, improve learning abilities, overcome fears, manage their emotional states and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives as well as in personal relationships. NLP has developed a good number of tools, a trail of techniques and mental exercises to achieve excellence in every walk of life. NLP has excellent strategies for teaching, learning and to effectively manage the stress and fear  which are essential ingredients of today’s world. Once we are introduced to the world of NLP, its way of thinking and communicating, it will empower us and we will see a new world of possibilities, of many options and opportunities.


            Refers to our nervous system which consists of the five senses viz – Visual (eye), Auditory (ear), Kinaesthetic ( skin/ touch/ feeling), Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste), the sensory nerves, the brain, the associated body and mind connections and the thinking processes; ie. how we experience and respond to the reality around our world. We see, hear, feel, smell and taste the world external to our body through these five senses. The sensory signals are received and  processed in our brain to interpret and give meanings. The processing the signals at any instant in the brain is very complex and involves a lot of deletion, distortion and generalisation based on each and every person’s previous experience, current mood, unique personality, the language and words used and so on. Neurochemical responses are created based on the interpretation and it results in external behavioural modification. Also each & every experience is properly coded, represented and  stored in the brain with its associated emotions and time information for future recall.


      Refers to the verbal (words and sentences) and non verbal language that we use for communication with ourselves and others. Only humans have the ability to use language and communicate; even communicate with people who  are yet to be born ( of course through books and other modern technology marvels). The language we use, the words we say, the way we express through our body postures, our physiology  are all very important in every moment of our communication. What we can express is what we can think and thus language and our neuro system are interrelated. Communication in its various forms is the lifeblood for success in today’s world.


      Refers to the way our brain uses and processes the various sensory inputs and the language patterns for producing our internal feelings and  external behaviours. In essence our thoughts produce our actions. When we compare our brain with modern day computers, the programs or software that runs inside the computer decides the function and performance of the computer. Similarly our thoughts and actions are our software programs running in the brain. For our every behaviour, we have a set of strategies (or programs). When we positively change our mental program, like upgrading the  software program of a computer, our way of thinking changes resulting in improvements in how we feel, act and live. NLP is the study of the strategies we use in our thinking, behaviour, language patterns, etc. we use in every activities we do like driving a vehicle, taking decisions, building relationships, and above all learning activities. One important thing about the programming is that these programs are mostly run in the subconscious or unconscious mind. Most of us are unaware of the minute details of the steps of the strategies. With NLP we can make fine adjustments and changes in our mental  strategies of every activity (like upgrading computer software programs) for achieving excellence.

      NLP founders have studied and modelled persons of excellence in various fields and have uncovered the strategies that produce excellence. NLP is a practical and dependable method for making effective communication. NLP is about how our brain and mind function, how people think, feel, learn, motivate themselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve desired results.

            Based on extensive modelling studies, a certain number of ground rules have been formed which are called the presuppositions of NLP, which will be covered in the next chapters. One, very important presupposition is that,  “Everybody has all the resources they need to do whatever they want to do and achieve the desired outcome.

           Everybody in the world is more or less having similar physical and mental resources. However the results every person produces are quite different. I will take the example of students. All the students have the ability to learn and achieve excellence. Today’s education system has a certain way of teaching and evaluating the students. As every individual is unique and special in his or her own way, this system is very suitable for certain students and at the same time some students find it a little difficult to cope with. It is not that these students do not have the brain, intelligence or memory; but they are not fully aware of how to adapt to today’s school or college  teaching and evaluation methods.

            Albert Einstein was a daydreamer. His teachers in Germany told him he would never amount to anything, that his questions destroyed class discipline, that he would be better off out of school and he became a school dropout. Yet he went on to become one of the greatest scientists in world history. Winston Churchill did poorly at school work. He talked with a stutter and a lisp. Yet he became one of the greatest leaders and orators of the century.  Thomas Alva Edison was beaten at school with a heavy leather strap because his teacher considered him “ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactive Deficiency)” for asking so many questions. He was chastised so much that his mother took him out of school after only three months’ formal education. He went on to become probably the most prolific inventor of all time.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Einstein, Churchill and Edison had learning styles that were not suited to their school styles.

            And that same mismatch continues today for millions of others. It is possibly the biggest single cause of school failure. Every student  has all the resources they need.  At the same time, many are not aware of this and instead of looking inside for resources, they search outside in vain and lead a life of difficulty. A story comes to my mind as below.


           There was a very poor man living in a village. He had only a small piece of land bordering the forest. He was in his sixties and  had no children and his wife had passed away long back and he was leading a  lonely life. Every day early in the morning, he will get up and when he sees the rays of the sun through the leaves of the trees, he will walk into the nearby forest. There he will enjoy the nature, watch the beautiful birds, chat with them in their language and will collect fruits, honey and other eatables from the forest. In fact he was living with whatever he gets from the forest. However, he was happy and having a contented life as his wants and desires were very limited though he was leading a life of abject poverty.

              Then one day he fell sick and was unable to walk or go to the woods.  He would simply sit under a tree near the village road. The passers by would give him something to eat and he survived with that. He did not have money either to buy food or to see the village doctor and get some medicines. Day by day his condition deteriorated and one day he breathed his last.

             Knowing about his death, many of the villagers came and arranged for his burial in the same land where he was living.  Two villagers came forward and removed the body from the bamboo cot. Then they noticed a bundle wrapped up with old cloths near to his body on the side of the bamboo cot. One person tried to lift the bundle, but he could not as it was very heavy. Then the villager’s curiosity grew and they opened this bundle. They could not believe and  they were really surprised to see a lot of precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc. in the cloth bundle, which the poor man had got from his journeys to the forest.


          Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP is about finding about our own strengths, resources, abilities, advantages, options, opportunities etc. It is also about discovering our fears, beliefs which pull us back, phobias and other weaknesses. It is about unleashing the potential within us,  awakening the giant within, taking right decisions and actions at the right time. The sum total of who we are today is the result of the choices and decisions we made in the past. NLP helps us to open up the world we live in and gives us many options which we did not see,realise or hear till now.

                 NLP is the art and science of the study of excellence. The founders or discoverers of NLP have studied many persons of excellence in many walks of life in many fields, to know how they produce the results which others are not getting. What are their key strategies, techniques, mental processes, physical behaviours and above all their communication methods with self and others. This has resulted in understanding the difference that makes the difference. They have modeled them and found out that these strategies and techniques of excellent people can be learned by any one and that the learning can be very fast too if right techniques are used. Bases on the efforts of these eminent NLP experts, today we have a very large body of Knowledge in Neuro Linguistic Programming which continues to grow at a fast pace. This wealth of knowledge are now very extensively used in personal behaviour changes resulting in excellence, sales and business, Project Management, persuasion engineering , business management, visionary leadership & politics, therapy, improving personal and business relationships, negotiations education and teaching, and so on. The study and application of NLP are producing wonderful results which are sometimes magical