NLP Training Courses For Sales

NLP Training Courses for Sales Mastery

Our NLP Training Course fine tuned for those working in the area of sales, helps you turn into an effective and excellent sales executive. You will learn methods and techniques to see and experience increased sales and revenues. This course will benefit your organisation also by improving your ability to develop strategic alliances, and promote an effective sales process.

sell5The Two day training program is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming and Sales Psychology (NLP and Sales). This certification course is designed to improve your Selling abilities as you will discover hidden techniques that successful sales professionals use to experience excellent results every day.


  •   How to get the trust of the clients
  •   Discover how to establish rapport with clients easily
  •   Learn to use verbal and non verbal skills to pace and lead your sales talk
  •  Learn to See the client through your clients’ eyes
  •  Learn how to ask precisely the right questions to facilitate Sales
  •  Learn the power of story telling & other communication techniques
  •  Identify your clients buying strategy
  •  Learn to present your solutions brilliantly
  •  Close the details with  great confidence and success
  •  Learn how to set yourself in the right state to get results
  •  Sell to your clients in the way they love buying
  •  Re-frame objections and convert them into sales opportunities
  • Learn how to create a positive impression on clients
  • Learn how to actively seek and receive referrals

WHAT WILL BE COVERED ( Course Syllabus)

  • Introduction and history of NLP
  • NLP Communication Models
  • VAKOG ( Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic ,Olefactory and Gustatory) senses and modalities
  • Submodalities
  • Establishing rapport- the key to big money
  • Mirroring and matching – building trust non verballysales3
  • Verbal techniques that build trust
  • How people buy- knowing your client through your clients eyes
  • Understanding your client’s buying strategy. T.O.T.E models.
  • Effective listening: The bottom line of trust
  • Identify, learn and perfect sales channels and buying models.
  • Learn and perfect overt and covert communication techniques to sell effectively.
  • Pacing and leading- bringing your client to the point of buying
  • Practice effective questioning to uncover customers’ values and criteria.
  • Effective listening- the bottom line of eliciting outcomes
  • Discovering your client’s buying strategy
  • Cashing objections- turning a no into a sales opportunity
  • Embedded Hypnotic actions commands
  • Mindsets (Metaprograms)
  • Use story-telling and other techniques to make a positive and lasting impression.
  • Demonstrate increased confidence in your abilities.


Sales and Marketing professionals, Sales officers, & executives, Insurance professionals, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, People involved with Start-ups, who desire to learn techniques that will transform their relationship with sales and give them enhanced levels of confidence, performance and success on an on-going basis.

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