NLP Training Courses

NLP Training Courses.


We offer personalised training to individuals based on their needs on weekends and at evenings on week days.

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Excelsior Academy, Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming India – ANLP India Acreditted Centre for NLP Training & Research, Kerala, India, offers NLP training courses based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, addressing the requirements of different sections of society: Professionals, Engineers, Project Managers & project teams, industries and corporates, Sales persons & Teams, Teachers, Students, Educational institutions, etc. NLP Training Kerala Excelsior Academy offers training in Malayalam language also. We provide  NLP training courses tailored to the customer specifications at the customer site also, in addition to our regularly scheduled NLP workshops.


 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the new technology of achievement, a behaviour technology, enables you to change behaviours that you desire and can have ‘excellence’ available to you at your finger tips whenever you choose. You can achieve the results you want for your personal and official/business life.

 Sharpen The Saw

Intelligence, Dedication, and hard work alone will not be the decisive factor in achieving success. How you influence yourselves and others also is very important. In today’s world, you have to keep running even to stand where you are. The most Important Habit of Highly Effective People is “Sharpening the saw”. This can be explained by this story.

A man on his way to work notices another man sawing a tree. In the evening, on his return he sees the man sawing the same tree. He asks, “ Why don’t you sharpen the Saw?”. The man replies, “ I don’t have time and resources to sharpen the saw. Can’t You see that I am busy sawing the tree”.
You cannot overemphasise the importance of Sharpening your saw and improving your skills. Make Time and Resources To  attend the right NLP Training Course to Master NLP Skills  and to become more Efficient & Excellent.


Become  The Extraordinary

Another very important point is, in today’s world, “ the winner takes it all”. You can see in sports, the person who comes 1st or 2nd takes all the rewards, whereas the difference between the winner and the next in the race is very small or marginal. The winners are only a shade or slightly better than the rest.

You are already very good ( otherwise you would not have read this), with training in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP you will know the difference that makes the difference and you will be the extra ordinary person creating the desired world you want.

NLP – The Technology of Achievement – The System of Choices 

Know the difference that makes the  difference. What distinguishes people who achieve what they want in life is the choices they make.  Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP is essentially a methodology to help you to make better choices. When you start experiencing Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, you’ll innovate ways that can help you ask better questions to yourself and others,  recognise when you deviate from the right track  and feel balanced and comfortable in a wider range of situations.

As your experience with Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP increases , your behaviour will become  more in line with what matters to you in life. While your body will be giving you an abundance of energy, you will be fully guided by your heart  with fuller access to your mind – conscious and unconscious mind. Your sensory acuity can improve so that you will be trusting your senses more, using better questions where it counts most – in your own mind. Your, values, objectives and goals will be clearer and with greater attention, you will be able to change the road you travel and it becomes easier for you to head for the results you want. Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP  is based on the one key principle, “explore what successful people do, and find ways to apply that in your own life”. So, NLP can support and transform you in such a way that you too can achieve what you want in life.

Benefits Of  attending NLP  Training Courses

Participating in NLP Training courses will benefit you in the following areas: Improvement in your communication skills, learning ability, Improved social skills, become a visionary leader, very good at art of persuading and influencing others, better negotiation skills. Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP helps in personal challenges such as: Anger Management, Stress management, Emotional intelligence, Weight management, Negative Behaviors, Limiting Beliefs,Phobias and Fear of failure, smoking, Drinking, etc.

The Following Have Been Observed After Successful NLP Training

  • Improved self esteem and self confidence
  • Improvement in family relationships.
  • Became good communicators. Greater precision and grace in using language.
  • Could develop rapport instantly with anybody and everybody.
  •  Could Overcome fears, phobias and many limiting beliefs
  • Excellent management of emotions and stress.
  • Became an excellent Project Manager and Team leader with rapid progress in career.
  • Good clarity on values and goals in life and achieved a new purpose and direction in life
  • Achieved mastery and control of their life
  • Started new successful business ventures
  • Improved their business with better profits and results
  • Greater skill in resolving conflicts within their personal & official life
  • Overcome frustrating barriers in their personal and business relationships
  • Eliminated Limiting beliefs, and set powerful beliefs


NLP Training Courses by Excelsior Academy

NLP Foundation Course

Introduction to basics of  Neuro Linguistic Programming. This course will give introduction to NLP communication Model, Self esteem and Confidence Improvement techniques, Beliefs of NLP, Values and Goal setting techniques, the power of your Unconscious or Sub conscious Mind etc. . The participants will get an experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.   Learn More

NLP Practitioner Certification Course
NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course
NLP For Professionals - Executives, Engineers, PMs, Leaders,etc..
NLP For Teachers
NLP For Students
NLP For Home Makers & Parents
Other Programmes

NLP Training courses at Excelsior Academy 

When you start learning something new, the most important step is how  you are  getting off to the right start in the best possible way.  We believe that the way you begin to explore and experience the world NLP BOOKof NLP, the education and mentoring you receive, will make all the difference in the world as to how easily, quickly and efficiently you progress in your personal and professional NLP competency and evolution.

We also have an good Library consisting of books, e-books, Audio CDs and DVDs. The participants will benefit from this even after completion of the course


Training Modes

We conduct the NLP training courses  in the follwing ways


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Training course  specifically developed for the target groups based on Customer requirements.
  • Personalised NLP training and coaching to individuals as per their needs.
  • Regular NLP Training at our premises as per our training calendar.
  • The language of  NLP training can be English or Malayalam. The NLP training can be arranged at customer premises or at our facilities.

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