Personality Development Training Courses


Personality Development Courses for students


     Personality Development 2 day Course for students in the age group of 15 to 19 years old.


The course duration is 2 days. 

Personality Development Courses for students

NLP techniques are excellent tool set for the personality development of students and professionals. How to motivate students to want to do well in school is something that a lot of parents, teachers and schools struggle with.

“He’s a bright child but he just doesn’t seem to care !”

“The more I nag him/her to do his/her schoolwork the worse it gets !”student_image

“He has the ability but doesn’t put in the effort”

“Could do better if she applied herself”

This is the second reason why students struggle in school. The number one reason being that we don’t teach students how to learn. If student learn  learning strategies that work and they still don’t do well in school, then we have to be working on their attitude, beliefs and motivation level towards school.


 This Personality Development Course Helps to:- 

  • Model motivated students
  • Uncovering motivation criteria in students
  • Linking goals and criteria to school
  • How to Find What is important to them- the key to motivate any one
  • Link Goals to School Success

Personality development training helps the students to set long term and short term goals. Long term goals are the best kind of reasons a student can have. If a student is passionate about something they are going towards, motivating them is easy.

  • Some students already have goals for the future and they can see how doing well in school / college is going to get them there.
  • Some students have long term goals but don’t see how school is related to them. (You need to find a link )
  • Lots of students don’t have any long term goals at all. ( try to create some goals either short or longer term)

Especially for older students first convince them of the importance of having goals, and take them through a goal setting process that matches with their highly valued criteria. Link what they are doing now in school to the goals that they want. This personality development training program teaches the following

NLP Training Courses by Excelsior Academy

NLP Foundation Course

Introduction to basics of  Neuro Linguistic Programming. This course will give introduction to NLP communication Model, Self esteem and Confidence Improvement techniques, NLP technques for personality development. Beliefs of NLP, Values and Goal setting techniques, the power of your Unconscious or Sub conscious Mind etc. . The participants will get an experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and this helps in personality development resulting in a sense of motivation and achievement.  Learn More

NLP Practitioner Certification Course
NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course
NLP training For Professionals - Executives, Engineers, PMs, Leaders,etc..
NLP For Teachers
NLP For Students
NLP For Home Makers & Parents
Other Programmes

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Example: Loves Video Games / Hates Math

This comes from part of a session with a 16 year old boy who was having difficulty motivating himself towards math.

Me:-  “So lets forget math for the time being, what is it that your are motivated to do ? What is your favorite thing to do ?”

Student:- “Video games”

Me:- “Whats important to you about playing video games ?, What do you like about it ?”

Student:- “I just like to play, it’s fun”

Me:- “You said you play for 3-4 hours some days, you must really like it. I hate video games. What is it that makes you want to do it so much?”

Student:- “I like playing against others online”

Me:- “What do you like about that ?”

Student:- “I like being famous online and I like to WIN”

This boy’s criteria in this context were:

    • Recognition among his online gaming community (being famous)
    • He loves to win (he had an emotional response here “I have to win, I want to win”) when you hit on a strong emotional response you know that you have an important criteria.
    • He likes to play a game

So What is important is to  find out what is important to the student- the key to motivating. Personality development course assists in development strong motivation and finding out the passion


Basics of Good Study Habits

             In today’s world we have the problem of information overload, digital madness, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and superfast speed of everything going all the time, including our brain. Sometimes it  can be very hard to keep focus, concentrate and learn. Even  when we’re on a vacation, it seems that we cannot  sit down and just watch a movie and relax any more. We have to answer the mobile, we have to be twitting, texting, reading facebook & whatsapp, eating, drinking, and doing something at the same time. We feel like we should be doing something always as if we have become multitasking machine and the end result is, it produces a lot of stress and  yet we get nothing much from it.

You can read the full document :

 Read  ..  Good Study Habits

NLP Techniques for personality development and for Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

One of the main factors affecting the performance of children in examinations is lack of self confidence and self esteem. The bad feelings, anxiety, fear, nervousness, etc. that some children experience from self judgement and self criticism can affect their studies and their overall performance not only in the examinations but also in other situations as well. This personality development course is the application of NLP techniques to build confidence.
Confidence is one of those things that can help in every aspect of your life, and can be gained or strengthened quite easily using NLP. One of the main reasons for low self confidence is limiting beliefs. You can read more about confidence building techniques by clicking this link below. Neuro Linguistic Programming has excellent and simple NLP techniques for personality development, Goal setting, building self esteem and confidence etc.

 Build Self Confidence


What You will Learn in this personality development course ?

  • Introduction To Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP  and Personality Development
  • NLP Presuppositions and Ground Rules
  • Learning Styles and Rapport
  • Building Learning Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Building Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Personality Development
  • Modeling Excellence
  • Feedback and Reframing
  • Anchoring Techniques
  • Personality Development and Presentation skills
  • Managing Stress,interview fear and Exam Phobia, etc..

Training Mode for this personality development Course

This course is organised in educational Institutions also as per the request of the Academic Institution. Personality development  training is of two days duration. Please contact us for arranging the personality development course at your institution.

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