NLP training Courses for Home Makers

NLP Training Courses for Parents and Home Makers.

Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP is hailed as technology of Achievement. Many are curious to Experience and Learn NLP. This two day workshop on NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming  is designed to  take you through the wonderful journey  of experiencing NLP. NLP is the science of excellence; it is about achieving your dreams and desires. It is about excellence in Communication, Relationships, Respecting others, improving health and managing stress, anxiety and negative emotions. It is also understanding the uniqueness of each and every individual; whether it is husband, wife, mother, father, daughter,son, daughter in law and all those in a home. Today many of the families are emitting smoke as they are under pressure and tension supposed to be caused by relation ship problems, work pressur, study pressure, exam fear, social media attacks and so on. NLP is an excellent tool to have a satisfied family life, maintaining good relations ships and happy atmosphere in homes.

NLP – The Technology of Achievement – The System of Choices

Know the difference that makes the  difference. What distinguishes people who achieve what they want in life is the choices they make.  NLP is essentially a methodology to help you to make better choices. When you start experiencing NLP, you’ll innovate ways that can help you ask better questions to yourself and others,  recognise when you deviate from the right track  and feel balanced and comfortable in a wider range of situations.

As your experience with NLP increases , your behaviour will become  more in line with what matters to you in life. While your body will be giving you an abundance of energy, you will be fully guided by your heart  with fuller access to your mind – conscious and unconscious mind. Your sensory acuity can improve so that you will be trusting your senses more, using better questions where it counts most – in your own mind. Your, values, objectives and goals will be clearer and with greater attention, you will be able to change the road you travel and it becomes easier for you to head for the results you want. NLP is based on the one key principle, “explore what happy and satisfied people do, and find ways to apply that in your own life”. So, NLP can support and transform you in such a way that you too can achieve what you want in life.

What  will you get out of the NLP Training for parents and home makers?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP in short is the study of Excellence and new ‘technology of achievement’. NLP can transform your life for better, by the practical and very effective techniques & tools you master with the NLP training. The participants of this programme have benefited as given below.

  • Becoming aware of the language you use while communicating with yourself & with others.
  • Understanding the difference in communication at the conscious level & subconscious level.
  • Developing the ability to perform at your best, to tap your true potential, and become a powerful communicator.
  • Holding a better understanding of how people think & process information in their mind.
  • Evaluate situations from different points of view and be able to take effective, balanced decisions to gain the co-operation and commitment of everyone involved.
  • Understanding why people do what they do & learn to respect them for what they are.
  • Learning how to gain rapport easily with different types of people.
  • Learning to adopt some of new thought patterns, new thinking strategies, some of the new beliefs and which would undoubtedly be more effective in your work/life.
  • Produce a personal development plan that will enable you to continue to enhance your ability to learn and grow.

Training at Excelsior Academy

When you start learning something new, the most important step is how  you are  getting off to the right start in the best possible way.  We believe that the way you begin to explore and experience the world of NLP, the education and mentoring you receive, will make all the difference in the world as to how easily, quickly and efficiently you progress in your personal and professional NLP competency and evolution.

We also have a good Library consisting of books, e-books, Audio CDs and DVDs. The participants will benefit from this even after the completion of the course

Duration and Training Format

The course duration and details are as follows

  • This is a 2 day ( about 12 Hours) experiential training program with very limited participants.
  • It follows similar to coaching methodology giving more personal attention in the training
  • We teach you a lot of  NLP Techniques to help you overcome personal challenges.
  • Emphasis will be given in handling real time life problems using NLP techniques.

Syllabus of the course


  • History and Evolution of NLP
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • NLP Communication Model – Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation
  • Communication Model, languages, eye accessing cues and Application in a family context.
  • Frames, Metaphors and Meta programs (thinking styles) and their influence in the interpersonal relationship between generations
  • Rapport: The feeling of oneness and happiness
  • Anchoring: Getting into the ideal state of mind  in family situations.Circle of Excellence and Anchoring technique
  • Applications of NLP. Learning Stae
  • How to improve self confidence and self esteem of children.
  • Neurological levels to experience behavior at different levels of thinking
  • Perceptual position in family relationships.
  • Power of mind: Brain Gymnastics and the effect of music.
  • Time line: Processing time, removing past traumas, creating desired future.
  • Stress Management and Emotional wisdom
  • Representational Systems – Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olefactory and Gustatory (VAKOG)
  • Sensory Acuity,Eye accessing Cues
  • Rapport Building Techniques: How to build and improve relationships.
  • Well formed Outcomes
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem improving Techniques.
  • Linguistic Skills, etc. and so on

What You will Gain from this Course

This programme introduces and creates some exciting experiences. You will not be the same person after participating  in this programme. It will  lead you to a life in which your true potential unravelled and you will discover the excellence that lies in all of us. The programme is experiential, flexible and interactive.

This programme  will help you - 

  • Build and maintain rapport with every body
  • Understand the power of language and how to use it effectively, Especially persuation engineering
  • Understand the preferred communication methods; Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic
  • How to manage different states, emotions  as well as stress
  • Build powerful relationships, both personal and official
  • To make clarity about your goals and desires  in your life.
  • Access inner resources like confidence and energy as and when  you need them.
  • To get rid of any limiting beliefs, phobias, fear, anxiety or anger

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