NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

The NLP Master Practitioner Training is about mastery — the mastery of your current NLP skills, and mastery of a whole new level of powerful techniques The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program is designed to provide participants with the conceptual, analytical, observational and interactive skills necessary to achieve both conscious and unconscious competence in advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming. The objective of the course is for you to develop NLP skills and become a true Master of NLP. NLP Master Practitioner is about embodying the driving principles that underpin NLP so you can develop your own NLP techniques and models. Many of the exercises are designed in such a way that the participants can discover for themselves the most important and relevant patterns, strategies and models.

What is meant by NLP ‘Mastery’ ?

NLP Master Practitioner training builds upon the skills and techniques developed in the NLP Practitioner course. Alongside refining and consolidating these skills, the NLP Master Practitioner offers advanced techniques and furthers your ability to make generative change for yourself and those you work with. During this course you will explore the core principles that underpin the change process, learn how to make transformation at the deep neuro-logical level of identity and discover the unconscious programs that determine our fundamental ways of being.

NLP Mastery applies to all logic levels for it is a way of

  • Being at home in any environment and context.
  • Acting so that you achieve your chosen goals :
  • Integrating your skills so that they support you in your endeavours.
  • Perceiving yourself, others, and the world, in a manner which enables you to let your natural brilliance shine through.
  • Being more truly yourself.
  • Being at one with the world.

During the NLP Master Practitioner training course, you will discover the SECRET to all NLP patterns – the model of successful intervention and change. When you attend the course you will bring your knowledge alive through the many exercises, projects, receiving and giving feedback, coaching and group discussion. Much of the course is experiential aimed at giving you practical working experience of how to do NLP Master Practitioner processes.

At the course you will experience NLP demonstrations, exercises, and case studies to help you develop as a Master Practitioner with all the accompanying skills. You learn modelling skills by modelling the various techniques and patterns being demonstrated rather than just following steps in the manual. As a result you can conduct elegant NLP interventions at a more implicit level, often having done the intervention before your client realises anything has happened.

Course Details:

Duration : 7 days

Pre-requisites : God Knowledge in Neuro Linguistic Programming and NLP Practitioner Certification

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What You Will Learn?

  • • Quantum Linguistics
  • • Advanced Sub-Modalities, Strategies
  • • Special Advanced Language Patterns
  • • Values, Beliefs, Criteria
  • • The Psychology of Suggestion
  • • Basis of Long Term Change
  • • Prime Concerns
  • • Advanced Anchoring Techniques
  • • Sleight of Mouth
  • • Advanced Presuppositions – Master Practitioner Level
  • • Hierarchy of Ideas
  • • Meta Model
  • • MPVI — Meta-Programs and Values Inventory
  • • Effective Presentations / Training Elements
  • • Emotional Intelligence
  • • Time based techniques

Specifically, you will learn how to

    • Learn the Secret Process that Dominates Everyone’s Behaviors: Values & Meta Programs are a practical analysis and description of the processes that dominate everyone’s behaviors. They provide systematic exploration of how to motivate, encourage and communicate with wide varieties of behaviors and belief systems. Some of the most useful information in NLP!

    • Learn the Secret Behind the Secret: Modeling is the advanced material that introduces you to the very processes that created NLP.

    • Negotiate with Elegance: Master the practical negotiation process of using values elicitation and chunking together.

    • Expand Your Thinking 4 Ways: Sub-Modalities are the building blocks of thoughts. Learn the intricacies of human thought, how to optimize and change your own thinking patterns, and how to enhance your impact on others’ thinking patterns. Practitioner level material is expanded to new realms of usefulness.

    • Control Your Language & Master Success: Even more of the most effective and practically useful ways of communicating and persuading. Mastery of language patterns creates ensured success in all aspects of your life.

  • And…Much, much more … and all at an advanced level!

Topics such as the Quantum Linguistics, Hierarchy of Ideas, Sleight of Mouth, Platform Skills, Prime Concerns, Suggestibility, Advanced Healing, and Allergy Intervention are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have in store for you when you join us for the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training.

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

During the training you master the NLP skills in a whole new way — you learn from a “higher logical level,” which means that every NLP technique that you’ve ever learned before becomes much more powerful, much more effective. You’ll spend a full week enjoying the most rewarding activities that you may ever have experienced. You’ll begin to recognize and understand the advanced teaching processes to make the kinds of personal shifts and skill acquisition that makes NLP students true masters of interpersonal communication.

In addition to exploring a variety of applications of advanced NLP skills, Master Practitioner Certification will teach participants “how to think about thinking”, so they will be able to be generative with the skills they acquire. Participants will learn how to find new patterns and uncover the basic structure of experience so that they may design their own multi level interventions

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