NLP Training Courses Professionals

NLP Training Courses and Techniques for Professionals

This is a Visionary Leadership Training Program for working Professionals.

Leadership excellence is made, not born.

This workshop is for persons, who are committed to heightened human excellence.

Engineers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Business Executive, Managers and senior managers, Bank Managers, Administrative officers, HR personnel, trainers and all professionals   who aspire to become president / vice preident / CEO / COO /MD etc. will immensely benefit from this program.

This course is for professionals who are looking to be their best in all situations or for those who want to break the barriers, which are holding them back and unleash their full potential to achieve their desires and goals. This workshop is also for those who are looking for a course or training program where they can have a wonderful experience of brimming with energy, confidence enthusiasm and at the same time calm, inner peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Intelligence, Dedication, and hard work alone will not be the decisive factor in achieving success. How you influence project yourselves and others also is very important. In today’s world, you have to keep running even to stand where you are. The most Important Habit of Highly Effective People is “Sharpening the saw”. You cannot over emphasise the importance of Sharpening your saw and improving your skills. Always there is a need to Make Time and Resources to sharpen your tools to become more Efficient & Excellent.

Become Extraordinary

Another very important point is, in today’s world, “ the winner takes it all”. You can see in sports, the person who comes 1st or 2nd takes all the rewards, whereas the difference between the winner and the next in the race is very small or marginal. The winners are only a shade or slightly better than the rest. You are already very good  (otherwise you would not have read this), with training in NLP you will know the difference that makes the difference and you will be the extra ordinary person creating the desired world you want.


The Benefits of NLP Training

This NLP training program will teach you how to maximize efficiency and achieve your goals. It will help you to create a compelling vision and motivation for achieving the vision. This leadership visionary program is designed for current and potential leaders who want to contribute towards improving their career as well as moving their organization forward. The participants will develop the skills and techniques to lead their personal and business goals resulting in organizational success.

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Leadership Skills &  NLP

              Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP in short, is the study of excellence. It is relatively recent and has helped millions of people to increase their confidence, improve learning abilities, overcome fears, manage their emotional states and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives as well as in personal relationships. NLP has developed a good number of tools, a trail of techniques and mental exercises to achieve excellence in every walk of life. NLP has excellent strategies for learning, changing beliefs & behaviours, leading, communicating, managing the stress, etc. Once we are introduced to the world of NLP, its way of thinking and communicating, it will empower us and we will see a new world of possibilities, of many options and opportunities.

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NLP Leadership  course syllabus

  • The course will contain:
  • What Is NLP? The Thirteen Presuppositions, Starting The Journey, Vision, Sharing Your Vision, Leaders In Perspective
  • Leadership Substance, The Three Pillars Of Leadership, Leadership Styles
  • Rapport, Pacing And Leading, Your Leadership Credentials
  • Vision And Values ,
  • Motivation, Meta Programs, Rewards And Penalties
  • NLP Communication Model, Meta model, Milton Model
  • Representation Systems, Sub modalities, Beliief Changes
  • Anchoring Techniques, Confidence Building techniques
  • Signposts To The Future
  • The Leader’s Journey Guides And Rules Of The Road , Leaders And Losers,leader1
  • Learning, Solutions And Resolutions
  • Organizational Learning, Beliefs And Assumptions
  • The Channel Of Experience
  • Change And Challenge
  • Systems Thinking, Perspectives ,Cause And Effect
  • Creating vision statements (personal and organizational) that are exciting and engaging.
  • Getting everyone working together to realize your vision.
  • Integrated goal setting for yourself, teams, and the organization.
  • Managing yourself to accomplish goals.
  • Managing stakeholders such as teams, staff, bosses, suppliers and virtual teams.
  • Increasing your team’s contribution to the organization.  Challenging and motivating them, developing their potential, and devising appropriate rewards.
  • Managing more tasks efficiently with fewer resources.



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