Best NLP Training Centre in Kerala – Excelsior Academy

Excelsior Academy

”  I did not think that NLP is so effective. After attending the NLP practitioner training , my belief changed. It is so effective that I live NLP now. NLP is really excellent to solve many problems. Many many thanks to Excelsior Academy and to the founders of NLP”

Dr. Paul, MI Hospital



My friend working in HR recommeneded me to attend NLP Training.. The training experience was very good. The 5 days flew off so fast and it was very interesting. I Could get a few good friends. Now I know that every other person has a world, different from that of mine and this has helped me to improve my relationships with my colleagues and bosses. I stopped arguing with my team members and started seeing their points of view also. Overall I am very happy about the NLP training and looking for the opportunity to do my NLP  master practitioner program at Excelsior Academy.

Aneena Martin, Software Engineer


“NLP has expanded my repertoire of skills and techniques for quickly assessing problems and supporting my friends and team members. I am much more aware of differences in people. Paying attention to the differences enables me to be much more effective.”

Anil, Team Lead ,Software Engineer


“The most wonderful and mind-expanding experience I have ever had. Tremendous insights into how the human mind formulates, retains, and explains the events that make up our individual experience. Invaluable skills for improving my personal and business relationships.”

Aravind, H R Consultant


” My experience of NLP training and Excelsior Academy Course director surpassed my expectations. Not only have I learned many tools of great value to my clients and to me personally and professionally, I have been nurtured in an environment of humour, sensitivity and creativity. I am consistently able to be more useful to my clients than ever before, assisting them to have what they want in their lives”

Corporate trainer