Affordable Soft Skills Training

Our Mission:

Low cost, Less Expensive, Affordable & Accessible NLP Training Programs for everyone

Our Vision:

Creating Excellence in every one in every walk of  life utilising  all resources including NLP Techniques.

The Core Values of Excelsior  Academy

  1. Integrity: To “walk our talk.” To be truthful about our actions.To have congruence in language and action. To act from our core values.
  2. Usefulness: To be pragmatic and goal oriented. To seek to make a difference. To focus on practical applications. To chunk down into practical and testable steps.
  3. Respect: To acknowledge personal boundaries. To honor the potential within another person. To listen and give space to other’s needs and expectations. To give all persons equal space and time. To ask for permission. To maintain an unconditional positive regard for others. To honor the unique contributions of each person.
  4. Ecology: To always work within the other person’s well-formed outcome. To respond to our own congruency signals. To consider the consequences of our actions. To respect positive intention. To consider our impact upon the larger system.
  5. Creativity: To be free builders of our own lives. To be open to possibilities. To not accept the given as given. To find new questions. To make new models. To find new ways to reach a goal. To encourage others to express and share their inner dreams. To constantly challenge the way we do things and to innovate new possibilities.
  6. Love: To take second position with others (put ourselves in their shoes).To feel and show compassion to others. To accept others for who they are.To value ourselves, and to value others as we do ourselves. To “see” and acknowledge the best in others.
  7. Freedom: To have choice. To add more choices. To be able to choose. To allow others to make choices for themselves. To state our thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution. To honour people’s right to their own development.
  8. Diversity: To be unafraid of difference. To welcome the challenge of difference. To recognize and honour and value the differences in others. To accept different styles. To include different perspectives. To respect different cultures.
  9. Elegance: To seek the shortest and simplest path to an outcome. To seek beauty and simplicity. To act with grace. To select the path and the tools that allow us to accomplish the most with the least effort.
  10. Professionalism: To work with competence, creativity and joy. To set high standards. To know our limits. To model excellence. To know what we are doing, and to do what we know. To keep learning.
  11. Flexibility: To have more possibilities in behavior. To have a range of ways to reach a goal. To be open to change and additions from external influences. To adapt to different people and situations. To be able to adjust and adapt ourselves to unexpected situations. To utilize and react properly to the feedback that we get.
  12. Creating Artful Community: To foster bonding and friendship for future projects together. To have concern for the “we.” To act in service to others. To value the different gifts each person brings. To create affiliation and association. To connect with people as equals.
  13. Curiosity/Adventuring: Delighting in “not-knowing” and staying there long enough to make higher level discoveries.
  14. Fun/Humor: Not taking seriously what is deeply serious. To enjoy one another and what we are doing.
  15. Authenticity: To be ourselves. To share our own internal experience honestly with others.

NLP Training Courses in Kerala by Excelsior Academy

NLP Training in Kerala : Foundation Course

Introduction to basics of  Neuro Linguistic Programming. This NLP training in kerala will give introduction to NLP communication Model, Self esteem and Confidence Improvement techniques, Beliefs of NLP, Values and Goal setting techniques, the power of your Unconscious or Sub conscious Mind etc. . The participants will get an experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP. This NLP training at Trivandrum Kerala is organised by Excelsior academy for two days  Learn More

NLP Practitioner Certification Course
NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course
NLP For Professionals - Executives, Engineers, PMs, Leaders,etc..
NLP For Teachers
NLP For Students
NLP For Home Makers & Parents
Other Programmes